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The South-East Eagles Committee would like to thank you for taking on the important role of Team Manager for the new season. We appreciate you volunteering for this role which helps ensure our teams are organised and ready to take the court each week.

This guide is to assist you in your role as Team Manager but as always if you have any further questions you can contact our Club Secretary Robert Good on 0419 260 969.


We suggest you save Rob’s number in your phone in case you ever need to contact him on game day.


  • At the beginning of the season create a scoring roster to distribute to all parents so families are aware ahead of time when it is their week to score.

  • Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to tip-off to collect team sheet money from parents and pay the Knox Basketball Association team sheet fee at the front reception counter of the venue.

  • Make sure that all players playing in the game are included on the computer on game day

  • If you have a fill-in player for a game please ensure their details are correctly added to the scoring computer.

  • If you are playing another Eagles team and are the lower number team contact the club to organise an alternate set of uniforms.

  • Medical Certificates - if a player misses multiple games due to illness or injury we ask that you request a medical certificate from the family. This will qualify the player for those missed games should the team qualify for finals. Even if the illness or injury will prevent a player from playing finals the medical certificate can ensure a replacement player can be allocated to the team. A medical certificate must be submitted to the club secretary within 14 days of the date of the injury. If you are having issues obtaining a medical certificate from a player please contact the Club Secretary.

  • If at any stage a player stops playing in your team please notify the club secretary via email as soon as possible.


Junior Domestic Saturday- $39.50 per team

Junior Domestic Sunday- $36.50 per team

Click here to download a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your team's payments.


Saturday- $2.50 per player/spectator (age 5+)

Sunday- $3 per player/spectator (age 14+)


Fixtures are available from the Knox Basketball website - click here to be redirected

We suggest you check weekly to see whether there have been any fixture changes.

If your team’s fixture changes, we ask you contact all players in the team immediately notifying them of the change.


Click here to view a list of all committee members and their roles.

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