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Grand Final Weekend Arrives

The Knox Basketball Summer Grand Finals have been a long time coming but we are excited for our 11 teams playing this weekend as Grand Final weekend has arrived!

After the excitement of winning their semi-finals unfortunately another Covid-19 Lockdown in Victoria has seen our teams having to wait a few weeks for the big day- but the time has arrived and our teams are ready to go.

On behalf of the entire South-East Eagles Basketball Community we wish all of our teams the best of luck this weekend in their Grand Final games. It is an amazing achievement to make a Grand Final and we are so proud of your efforts to get this far. Enjoy the big game and stay tuned to the Eagles Facebook Page for results across the weekend.

Please note the games will be played under covid spectator limits. Unfortunately this means that each player can only bring 2 spectators to their game so the venue remains under patron limits.



9am Knox1 10.1AR Girls Coach- Bec

9:30am SBC6 10.3E Boys Coach- Meaghan

10:30am SBC4 12.1AR Girls Coach- Bec

12pm Knox3 12.4 D Girls Coach- Glenn

12:30pm SBC5 12.3CR Girls Coach- Kelly

2pm Knox2 14.3ER Boys Coach- Noah

4pm Knox3 14.2D Boys Coach-Alex

7pm Knox3 16.6E Boys Coach-Chris


5pm Knox3 19.6D Boys Coach- Kathie

5:30pm SBC5 19.1BR Girls Coach- Mark

7:30pm SBC4 23.1A Boys Coaches- Kirsty and Nathan

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